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Sugam Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is one among and leading Manpower Recruitment Agency in Nepal. Sugam Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is already recognized as highly successful in providing its clients, reliable, qualified and cost effective solutions to their HRD & Personnel needs either from our comprehensive database or through creative advertisements, extensive search & selection.


Sugam Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is established and managed by professionals having extensive experience in HRD, IT Industry Marketing, Financial Management, Constructions Industries etc. with the entire necessary infrastructure.


Sugam Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is registered and Licensed by the Government of Nepal for conducting international recruitment services.


At Sugam Overseas Pvt. Ltd. we want to understand your goals, your needs and how the inevitable changes of this business are affecting your world. With such an understanding we then match the right talent to deliver successful results.


Aside from being high performance… we’re also the nicest people you’ll ever meet.
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Sugam Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

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